Business Breakthrough 24

Breakthrough for Your Business in Just 24 Hours

Are you Looking for Business Breakthrough? You are a business owner and you are very good at your chosen field, however this is not enough to get you to where you deserve to be.

You are looking for a proven strategy and a simple solution you can implement immediately. No more complicated mumbo jumbo. You want guaranteed results. Think of this event as your breakthrough solution to gaining more time, money and freedom.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you implement what you learn and it doesn't work, we will pay you back every cent, plus a dollar!

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What This Event Has to Offer

The Business Breakthrough 24 Event teaches you the three main proven strategies which go beyond being good at what you do. These CORE elements have proven over and over to be essential to your business success.


Your culture is seen before it is heard and it is the achilles heel of almost every single business we work with. You will be spending premium money on attracting the right clients to your business and they will never stick around if the get a sniff of inconsistent or incongruent culture. You might think yours is healthy. Find out for sure at BB24.


You cannot NOT communicate and that goes for your staff and your entire business. What is your business really saying about you and how often are you speaking to your team? There is a broad view of communication that 99% of all business owners put in the too hard basket. I will teach you the most simplified method of magnetic communication there is.


You have no doubt talked at length with your accountant about cash flow. Isn't it time we talked about how to stem that flow and get some to stick? What could you do with 20% growth in your bottom line by 10am the very next day? This event will keep paying dividends for years to come.

“Our only regret is that we didn't meet Grant sooner...”

Ritsa Nicholas- Owner of ELAIA Cafe, Launceston.

About Me

“My Name is Grant Mullen and as well as being a business owner since 2003 in Tasmania I have had the privilege of working with the best and most successful leaders, coaches and influencers in Australia. 

It is a delight to be able to spend the day with you and help you implement growth strategies in your local business"

— Grant Mullen